Since the mid-20th century, one of the foundations of our free and democratic system is German-American friendship.

How can and should we keep this friendship strong?

For 75 years the Federation of German-American Clubs has been dedicated to this question.  Today the FGAC has 20 clubs throughout Germany.  During the post war era the relationship between the German population and American soldiers and their families was the focus.  Today the emphasis is to further the international understanding of young people.  Through their donations, the member clubs finance the largest private German-American Student Exchange program as well as German-American youth trips and Seminars. The young participants experience each other’s country and discover the differences in a positive light.

In this way the Federation is doing its part for a more open and tolerant world.

Additionally, the FGAC highlights the ties between the nations with its yearly celebration of German-American Day.  During this event, the awarding of the General Lucius D. Clay Medal to personalities who have made major contributions to German-American friendship demonstrates that the strengthening of this relationship continues to be a critical inter-cultural goal.

The Federation’s official magazine, “gazette” features various international themes and reports on the Federation’s programs and the activities of the member clubs.

For 70 years the Federation and its clubs have been engaged in furthering German-American friendship, especially our German-American Student Exchange program.  Thanks to the support of the clubs it represents the largest, primarily privately financed German-American Student Exchange program.